Yerry Mina and André Gomes finalize their exit towards Everton

Yerry Mina and André Gomes have a foot and a half in Everton. Emissaries of the English club have moved to Barcelona to close the two operations and at this time there are only a few details for the final agreement to take place. The Premier market closes in just four hours.

The Colombian would go pierced by an amount of more than 30 million euros when the club azulgrana had bought in January by 11.8. A huge revaluation in just six months.

The situation of Portuguese is different. It does not fit into Valverde’s plans for the next season and the Barça club has been looking for a destination since the beginning of the summer. In this case, everything indicates that the final agreement will be an assignment and not a transfer. Barcelona wanted 20 million for Portuguese.

Both Mina and Gomes could be reviewing the English club in Barcelona, as announced by Mundo Deportivo. However, this extreme has not been confirmed by this newspaper.

In the next hours an official communiqué should be produced. Marlon’s exit is also negotiated, but in this case the options are still open.

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