Everton is also interested in André Gomes

The future of André Gomes remains uncertain. The footballer has the poster of transferable from the beginning of the market, but has not come to materialize any offer. The last club that has appeared on the scene is Everton, with which Barcelona also negotiates the sale of Yerry Mina and the one he placed a few weeks ago with Digne.

The English club is studying a transfer that should take place in the next few hours because the English market closes this afternoon. Also West Ham is studying the possibility of signing the player. Barcelona claims 20 million for the sale of the player, but at this time a transfer is more likely.

Another option that was considered a few weeks ago is that of Valencia, which at the moment seems to stop. However, in the case of the Levantine club, and of any other, you can expect since the urgencies are focused on the Premier with the closing of the market, but not in other countries.

One of the problems with which Barcelona finds itself to place the player is that at this moment he is stopped. The player had a femoral biceps injury during the US tour and will be off until the end of the month.

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