Coutinho will wear the ‘7’ that was intended for Griezmann

Barcelona has announced this Thursday that Coutinho will wear the number ‘7’ on the back next season. The previous season had taken the ’14’, a number closely linked to the figure of Johan Cruyff and who also led Henry and Mascherano.

The reason, however, was not so romantic. The Barça club was booking the number seven for Antoine Griezmann. When Coutinho signed for Barcelona, the Board had already started contacts with the Frenchman so that he could sign in the summer for the Catalans.

Grizmann had always worn that number on his back and it was one of the conditions he put to sign. For this reason, they did not give Coutinho seven despite the fact that he was going to be a clear starter at Barcelona.

In the end, the Catalan club failed to convince Griezmann to sign this summer, so the number was free. Coutinho will take that number in this Sunday’s game against Sevilla in the Super Cup.

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