Monthly Archives: April 25, 2018

Barça’s dilemma: World or record

Barcelona can become the first team to win the league title without any defeat in the 38 days of the championship. The coach could opt, once mathematically tied the trophy, to dose their players for the World Cup or prioritize the record. The Barça calendar until the end of the year is the following: visit…read more

The five reasons why Barça B by Gerard López has not worked

The situation of Barcelona B has led to the dismissal of the coach. The subsidiary has been stuck and the directive has opted for a change of direction to try to redirect the project. Here are the reasons for the bump. Long-term injuries Players who had to be very important to solidify the team have…read more

The Cup, a break for Valverde

For months Ernesto Valverde has been repeating in the press conferences that “we have not won anything yet”. It has served this tagline to ‘Txingurri’ to ward off the euphoria that has prevailed in the Barcelona environment for much of the season, always before the monumental disaster that the Catalan team perpetrated in Rome in…read more

There may be corridor

We are approaching the decisive days of LaLiga. Barcelona is a prominent leader and already accounts to know when he could become champion of the domestic tournament mathematically. Looking at the calendar and the possibilities, Barça could make corridor … next weekend. The Barça team could proclaim champion without having played yet against Deportivo in…read more

Petit: “Barça’s wardrobe was rotten by the clans”

Emmanuel Petit has returned to talk about his time at Barça, club where he played the 2000-2001 season, and has always considered the worst experience of his professional career. “The only thing I regret in my life has been to have changed the Arsenal for Barcelona”, he confesses in an autobiography of his career, a…read more

Iniesta’s decision has to do with … wine

With the Spanish press advancing that Iniesta has already made a decision and will bid farewell to Barcelona at the end of the season to head to China, where he expects a millionaire contract, `Marca` advances some more details, namely the main reason for this outcome. Well, the key factor is wine, since Iniesta, on…read more

Busquets enters the list for the game against Valencia

Despite the discomfort in the foot that has been dragging in recent days, Sergio Busquets has entered the call for the match against Valencia. Valverde considers it worthwhile to take the risk in a game he considers vital for the fight for the title. In this way, the Barça list for the match at the…read more

Tears and desolation in the dressing room of Barcelona in Rome

The defeat in the Olympic of Rome has been a huge blow for the azulgrana staff. Nobody could imagine such a debacle in the Roman forum, although the staff was aware that in the last month things were not going well. The field trips to Chelsea or Sevilla were two examples of bad games, but…read more

Coutinho can still win the Triplete

The Triplete is still possible in Barcelona, at least for one of the members of its staff. Philippe Coutinho is still in a position to enter the select club of players who have won the triple crown in the same season. For this, he needs Liverpool, the team with which he started this course, to…read more